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Wednesday, February 2, 2011


I am determined to learn how to knit.

When I was about nine or ten, a little old lady in my church
taught the girls in my Sunday School classhow to knit and crochet.

I really haven't picked up any needles or a hook since then.

I can cross stitch, embroider, sew, quilt, and needlepoint.

But when it comes to knitting and/or crocheting...

I am intimidated....it seems very complicated to me.

My friends who knit, tell me otherwise.

I've noticed how knitting has become a "cool" thing to do these days.

Young and old alike are picking up needles and yarn

and are creating ...

A couple of "knitter" blogs I follow:


are authored by young moms who create all sorts of knitted attire for their little ones.

I am determined.

All I have to do now is to start casting on and counting stitches.

Wish me luck.


Adeline said...

you've got plenty of hooks from my and sophie's crocheting days! also, i've found youtube to be a way better source for learning than any books.

Packet of Seeds said...

Thanks for the suggestion A! I will check it out.

Judy said...

I have some yarn for you Karen. I have been trying to clean out my CREATION zone this week. It has lots of fabric and yarn I don't think I will use. This could get addicting too. I would love to knit with our own wool yarn someday.