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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shelves for the Sewing Room

Check out the new shelves in my sewing room.

I now have extra storage space for:

projects in the que, patterns, thread, books, fabric,

and a tv (which will be placed underneath the shelves).

Next is the installation a bulletin board...

I love my handy man especially when he has
a drill in his hand.


Natalie said...

oooo la la~!

love the colors!

Janet said...

Sweet! The light in your sewing room is wonderful. What a great place to be and create! What are you creating today? I can hear the rrrrr of your sewing machine!

By the way - I sent you an email (regular email message-yikes, who does that anymore?)

Anonymous said...

This is a weird thing to love about the room, but...oooo...the fan!!

Judy said...

AH....to have my sewing area to be so organized! Looks great Karen