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Friday, July 2, 2010

Pot of Choc

I had the most scrumptious "cup" (really a bowl) of hot chocolate this morning.
Could it have something to do with this fabulous "cup" my sister gave me?
I think the "chocolate" writing is cool.
But I don't think it was just the "cup" though.

So, why was this "cup" so good?
I used the same Guittard cocoa powder.
I used the same Toriani syrup.
I whirled it in my Bialetti, which produces great froth.
So what was different?
Could it be that my son purchased whole milk...
not just regular whole milk... but organic whole milk.
That was the only difference.
And what a decadent difference it made!
It tasted like I was drinking a gourmet chocolate candy bar.
And I wonder why I can't lose any weight?

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