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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Motion is Lotion

We've got to keep our bods moving..

And if you think you are too old to exercise...think again.

On Friday, after swimming my laps I started a conversation with a woman who was preparing to get in the pool for an aerobics class. She told me there were two people in the class who were 90 years old, one of which walks to the Y from her home near the high school a half a mile away (she can no longer drive because of her poor eyesight). She told me the instructor's motto is:


Don't you just love that? We've just got to keep the ol' bod moving to keep those joints, muscles, and bones...oiled.

On our Saturday morning hike, my sister and I passed by a man wearing a vest that had "Volunteer Park Patrol" written on the back, donning rubber gloves, and carrying a plastic sack filled with garbage that he had picked up along the trail. I don't know how old he was...he looked close to 80 years. He said he walks the Rancho San Antonio trails every day (he lives nearby). Occasionally he hikes up to Windy Hill...which is quite a hike (my sister never go that far!).

So if they can keeping their bods moving, there is no reason the rest of us can't do the same
They don't know it, but these two people are my heroes.

I want to be swimming and hiking them when I am 90 years old.



Jeanette said...

Inspiring! I always think I want to be that little old lady swimming laps with a daisy-covered swimcap and bright pink lipstick... but I can't even swim laps right now. I'd better learn.

Judy said...

Me too....One of my favorite women in the ward here is Marceline and she is swimming 2wice and day and eating right, hiking and very active. MOTION IS LOTION - I like that.