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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

My Creative Aunt Marcine

The internet has made it possible to connect with some incredible and creative people through  blogs, and Facebook.  Instagram and Pinterest has made it possible to share the results of those crafty, artistic and talented people through their photos. It is wonderful  that it has become "hip" and  "cool" to be crafty, to  sew, to cook, to create, to knit/crochet, to upcycle, to garden, to share ideas on raising children, to farm, and to photograph.  Believe it or not, being crafty hasn't always been so "in".

I have an aunt who has been creating, sewing, crocheting, cooking, serving others her entire life....eight full decades. .... let me introduce you to  (drum roll please)...

I can imagine her as a little girl planted at her mother's feet and learning all she could to soak in all the instructions her mother could deliver.  You would most likely find her hands  filled with a project...sometimes sewing, other times embroidering, and then it could be something she is crocheting.  Here she is on a picnic with my parents as young married embroidering what looks to be a tablecloth:

Marcine Embroidering
Love the little box by her side holding her sewing supplies.
She sewed all her clothes, even her coats.  She even sewed her own wedding dress.  Oh, doesn't she look so radiant! My uncle is looking pretty dapper himself.


She sewed clothes for her nine children (including underwear for her boys) and my uncle.
Aren't those handmade pjs adorable?
Aunt Marcine holding Scott with Grandma Price kids in front: Nancy, Terry, Bonnie, Janet and Ruth
One year for Christmas, she sent my three sisters and I little clowns to put our PJ's inside.
My sister still has hers...I only wish I had mine.
Christmas in Palo Altos
When I was in college, my sister and I went to her house and she showed us how to bottle strawberry jam. And on one of my recent visits to her house, I walked in the door and found her in the kitchen finishing up bottling some peaches....she made it look so easy.  I wonder how many bottles she has filled (and "canned") over the years...I suspect it is many thousands.
She crocheted this wonderful blanket for me, using her leftover yarns from previous projects.  You see, she does not let anything go to waste.  I love to wrap up in this treasure while watching TV.

Several years ago she made fabric bags to cook potatoes in the microwave oven for each of us in my family.

Family at Christmas 2009
And then couple of years ago for Christmas, she crocheted a eight beautiful doilies, one for each of my siblings.
Love the color of this beautiful  vase
 which was given to me from a dear friend who
 was downsizing from her large home.

If you come to her house for a meal, she will serve you her infamous "love buns".  Oh...they just melt in your mouth, especially when slathered with melted butter and homemade jam.
The best buns on the planet.  

love buns and Terry's jam
This past Christmas, she made each of my sisters, brother and I a table runner. Each one  was made from a different fabric.  I put my runner underneath the Lazy Susan in the middle of my island.

Button detail
She is continues to serve and create things for her bazillion children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, and friends .  Check out this pile of sweet Valentines she had on her sewing table recently:
Some of Marcines Valentine Creations
I think they were headed into the hands of some 10 and ll year old girls in her church.

I don't know of a more giving or talented woman....her hands have been in constant motion her entire life.  My hat is off to you dear Aunt Marcine.


Nancy said...

Thank you Karen. She is loved by many!

Judy said...

Yes, I remember her sewing room in Draper always creating jeans, dresses, sewing constantly. Completing projects is what she has always shown us. You (Karen) are close behind her in your own style. Thanks for sharing this about Aunt Marcine.

Natalie said...

She is amazing. And so are you. In fact, I could probably write a similar post highlighting the many things that you have done just in the past year called "My Creative Aunt Karen."

Gwen McLean said...

Aunt Marcine is amazing!! What a nice, well deserved tribute.

Gayle Price said...

Thank you for this truly wonderful tribute to a master craftswoman...our giving, lovely, very, very special aunt Marcine.

Gayle Price said...

Thank you for this truly wonderful tribute to a master craftswoman...our giving, lovely, very, very special aunt Marcine.