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Friday, August 17, 2012

Peltzer Cousin Gathering

DZ's mother (Ilse) had two sisters and two brothers.

The Peltzer Children
Art, Erna, Al, Ann and Ilse as children

The Peltzer sisters were close.  They got married and ended up raising their families in San Francisco and Palo Alto.
Peltzer sisters l to r : Erna, Ilse and Ann

They each had boys.
Peltzer Cousins circa August 1957

Over the years, the families would get together often...for holidays, for birthdays, and for Sunday dinner.  Since they passed on ... we still get together...just not as often.

On Sunday, four cousins came to our house.

Four Peltzer Cousins
DZ, Tom, Eben (notice how he is folding his arms just like his brother in the previous picture) and Bob

To add some zing to the festivities, I picked up some flowers from the farmers market and put together these centerpieces:

Set up an Italian soda bar...

Picked up some fresh picked sweet corn...oh was that good.

Had Matt do the BBQ-ing  and boy did he do a mighty fine job.

Had some deelish food...

Raspberry and Tiramisu cakes from Satura, grilled gigantic mushrooms and tri tip....yum

But most important of all was being together as family.

I have a wonderful family.


Anonymous said...

What a wonderful gathering!! What is the silver container on the Italian juice bar!

And is max wearing a bowling shirt?! :-)

Love, Gwen

Packet of Seeds said...

I picked up the aluminum pitcher at an estate sale for $3. Max's shirt does look like a bowling shirt doesn't it...such a hip baby.