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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

A Gorgeous Sunday Afternoon in the City

David and I made a quick trip to the city after church on Sunday.  We headed straight to the Legion of Honor and parked adjacent to the golf course. My car had this gorgeous view while we went inside to view beautiful art.

We passed between a pair of urns filled with aromatic Asiatic lilies as we entered the Spreckles Gallery.

Where we listened to the organ recital for a bit...

Then viewed the Pissaro exhibit..a most.lovely impressionist artist.

The weather was outstanding...check out the Golden Gate (I know, the bridge looks like it is leaning doesn't it!):
We headed down to Lands End beach where I collected some driftwood for a project I am working on.

Look at the outstanding picture postcard scenery behind those goofy people in front...
We hurried back up the many, many, many stairs...(got a good workout)

And viewed a spectacular sunset...
A most lovely day wouldn't you say?.
I live in a beautiful area and feel so lucky.

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Janet said...

I wish I was there instead of here! Love the views and LOVE the goofy people even more!