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Monday, November 7, 2011

Adendum to Halloween

Ok, Halloween was a week ago, I know.  But I just have to ask, do you know how many costumed visitors came to your door?  Well, I can tell you how many came to OUR door.

Let me backtrack a bit here..

When we first moved here 25 years ago, our kids were about the only kids on the block.  Not too many costumes would be found on our street when we took the kids trick or treating.  Over the next dozen years or so, people with small kids starting moving in.  For many years, there were so many kids, our street was blocked off to make it safer.  I would buy bags and bags of candy so I would be sure to have enough.
The kids are older now...and not so many little ones go trick or treating.

Back to the number of visitors....

This year, DZ bought the Halloween candy ...$30+ worth..ackkk!  Ten different varieties..double ackkk!
Before the night began, he started counting out the candy.

He has this whole system of organizing by type of candy.  And tallying the number of visitors who come to the door and the variety of candy he gave out.  So..if you ask him how many visitors came to our door.
He can tell you..... 44 
And how many of each variety were disbursed.

A bit strange...I know... but it is something he enjoys.

P.S.  Wish he gave the little ones more..for we have a HUGE pile of leftover candy.


Natalie said...

This made me "LOL". What a fun and funny uncle I have!

Shannon said...

this is very endearing. so glad you had lots of little costume stop by your door. we had one...and I asked her to drop by :). We gave out fun fruits...maybe next year I'll try organized candy and see if that is the ticket.