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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Today's Lunch

I am lucky to live within 5 minutes of my work...door to desk.

I go home for lunch most days

And today, I had "fresh" roasted red pepper crab bisque soup (from Safeway...very tasty I must say!), pita chips and a glass of milk

Heating my soup stirred up memories of walking home from elementary school for lunch every day (except hamburger Friday)

My mother would have a nice hot pot of Campbell's tomato soup and sometimes homemade scones waiting for us as we came through the door

We'd gobble it up..and then we'd scoot back to class

All energized for our afternoon lessons.

I had a wonderful childhood.


Janet said...

I love my Aunt Patty and I LOVE childhood memories! What a warm cozy one you had today Karen! Your lunch sounds divine! I actually take my lunch with me to work everyday and its always fun to have homemade food when my co-workers run out and buy fast food! Wouldn't they be shocked if I brought a bowl of roasted red pepper crab bisque soup! Oooo Yummy!

Anonymous said...

I left a note a couple of days ago and it's not showing up. Just wanted to say this made me hungry...and I love the shadows!!

Judy said...

Funny that I was just thinking about this memory of heading home for lunch. How lucky we were (are)It is nice to live so close to workplace. I had shrimp today from Costco - mmmmm