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Thursday, March 25, 2010

My Henny

This is my Honey

But this is my Henny

I met Henny on one of the blogs I follow

and was intrigued by the many comments made by those who had a Henny.

In fact, I made a special trip to IKEA in search of a Henny...

but to no avail.

So on my second trip to IKEA, while browsing the aisles..

my eyes caught sight of a bin filled with about a half dozen Hennys.

Oh, I thought, I WANT one!

so into the basket one Henny went

and off to the checkout aisle I trotted.

On my way home, I heard the echoes of my Honey's voice,

"Do we really need another blanket?"

"And how many are in that stack folded behind the couch?"

I'd cheerfully reply:

"Oh but Henny has such a lovely, grey pattern...

is so soft and warm...

is composed of 80% wool and 20% acrylic....
( such a good combination )

is light and it covers well...

Oh... I love Henny so!"

But never fear...

I will never let Henny come between me and my Honey..

I just can't wait to lounge on the couch with my Honey..

with Henny wrapped around the both of us..

watching old episodes of "The Office".


Judy said...

I have never heard of a henny Karen. It looks neat and very comfy! Anything from IKEA would be comfortable. Looking forward to relaxing on it.

Anonymous said...

80% wool? It's not itchy? (Gwen)

Packet of Seeds said...

The 20% acrylic makes for a nice non-itchy blanket ...and the wool keeps you warm in winter and comfortable the remainder of the year.

Susan said...

Cool blanket, Karen. Why is it called a "henny"? I have a stack of blankets and quilts, too! Maybe they just speak "comfort" to us, huh?

Packet of Seeds said...

Ikea names each of their products and they just happen to call this blanket "Henny"...I think it fits!