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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Vancouver Marathon

I am not sure if Adeline decided to run  the Vancouver marathon when she was still pregnant or after she gave birth. But in any case she proposed that we come up to cheer her on and make it a mini family vacation. And that is what we did. 
Waiting for Adeline
That's my girl...running her second marathon six months after giving birth. Amazing.

Cheering Our Girl On
I couldn't be more proud. Misty tears of joy filled my eyes as I clasped the umbrella which protected her 6 month old baby from the sprinkling rain. 

Tulips Blooming Everywhere
Flowers were blooming everywhere
I don't think the Runners noticed the city bursting with colorful flowers.  But I did.
. Last day in Vancouver

Everything was in its prime.

Congratulations Adeline!

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