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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Roses in My Garden

Been busy in the garden lately.

Now is the time for pruning and feeding the roses.


Over the years, I have used different brands of "food" for my roses but have found this to work particularly well.  It is a bit more expensive, but seems to keep the bugs and diseases away which makes for a healthy, big blossom producing plant. Make sure you feed them now even though they are dormant.


I have quite a few rose bushes in my garden...I think I am up to 20 plants now.


With all the rain, weeds have overtaken my garden beds.  Oh...I hate those weeds.

Even though clover is most prolific, it is the easiest to pull out,
especially now that the rains have softened the soil.

There are so many weeds, I fill my compost bin to overflowing every week.


At times, I  take a break from hacking/pulling weeds...I grab a meyer lemon off one of my bushes, pour myself a nice big glass of water and plop some slices in...and gulp....mmm refreshing!

Yes, I have a year round supply of lemons...

  A gardener's work is never done...at least here in California.

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