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Thursday, September 20, 2012

Six A Day

This is what I have been drinking these days:
Notice my signature color...love this blue.
I keep my insulated glass on my desk at work. Each day I plop in fresh lemon slices, fill it with ice and filtered water and drink at least six a day. I am hoping that I will see a difference in my weight.  I know I already feel a whole lot better drinking H20 instead of the sugary sweet stuff.

I have this picture hanging above my desk...just in case I get a craving:
Wow, I  love the color of the background , don't you ?  Check out their website here

I do admit that I haven't TOTALLY eliminated the stuff.  I find that I am enjoying the cool refreshing water more and more and the sugary drink less and less.  Will keep you posted.

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Nancy said...

Hi Karen,
It's Nancy. I remember when I gave up Coke/Pepsi/Dark Soda. I think I had withdrawal for about 3 days and then it was if I had never liked the stuff, It has been years, and I don't miss it. Good luck - you can do this. XOXO