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Monday, May 14, 2012

My Beautiful Mother

My beautiful mother today
My glowing mom

And from years past
Backyard Picnic - 1978

We honored her by gathering around the table in my parent's backyard on such a lovely spring Mother's day

Picnic in the backyard

A place where many family gatherings have been held over the years.
Picnic in the Backyard 1962
Backyard picnic circa 1962
We showered her with pink tinged presents
Mother's Day 2012

Including a tribute book .

Me and my mom on Mother's Day 2012
We wrote of our love for our mother/grandma and pasted our favorite pictures of our lives growing up.

Karen and Martha did a beautiful job...

Our lives together...sewing and ironing

We topped off our celebration with homemade strawberry shortcake..yumola.
Our dessert...love strawberry shortcake

I love my mother.


Anonymous said...

I wonder who the second shadow is in the 1962 picture. I figure dad is taking the picture, but everyone else is accounted for...(except me...I am not born yet :-))


Packet of Seeds said...

It is mom...the woman in the picture on the far right is Grandma Price

Gwen McLean said...

Of course! I took a second look at the curly hair and the dress and could see it's Grandma Price. Thanks.