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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Painting Project

Spent all day Saturday putting the finish coat of enamel paint

On the Shoe's kitchen cabinets

There is nothing finer in my mind than a nice fresh coat of paint

And this job did not disappoint

Considering the fact that the color went from a "pukey greenish-yellow"

Which did not attenuate the fine original features of the kitchen

To a "Swiss Coffee" white delight

After all these years of painting

I have finally discovered the best way to apply oil based enamel paint

Well, actually, a sprayer is probably the best

But since I don't have a sprayer, this is really the next best way

Apply the paint to the entire cupboard with a tight sponge roller

Then you take the finest china bristle brush you can buy (for oil paints only)

And lightly brush the surface to smooth out the paint

No drips, no streaks, just a smooth even coverage

Now the Shoes just need to wait for the paint to dry

Before attaching the original cherry red Lucite type handles

All twenty eight of them

And placing the drawers back in their homes


mrscobbler said...

Yessssss! I love my "new" kitchen. Thanks mom!

Adeline said...

finally! a picture!