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Tuesday, May 3, 2011


How many shoes do you have in YOUR closet?

This is a picture of only half the shoes I own

I put the shoes I wear the most in these pockets

There are another 25 - 30 pairs sitting on shelves inside my closet

And then there are hiking boots, running shoes, and after ski boots in the garage

Really, how many does one need?

For example

DZ interchanges between one pair of shoes

And one pair of flip flops

That drives me nuts

I say the number of shoes one owns

Should be somewhere in between

1 comment:

Janet said...

I love you Karen! I love your posts, the subjects you talk about and how dang organized you are! I really missed your posts when you were away! You bring sunshine into my day when I check blog and see that you have written! I'm kind of boring like DZ - not to many choices for my shoes. But I do keep them in a laundry basket by my door coming into my house from the garage because I don't wear shoes in my house - I wear socks - now there I have a bunch and many different colors! Love you Karen! Keep posting . . .